Thursday, December 29, 2011

If Ducks Could Talk...

I don't see many ducks walking down our street
but I'm sure this guy had his reasons. 


  1. It's too cold to walk outside! I've been taking my daily walks in the house....I do a loop from the kitchen, down the hallway, through the office, and back again. My kids make fun of me, but I'm warm. And I can blast 1980s music from my ipod dock in the kitchen. And I can wear pajamas if I want to. :^)

    Hope you have a happy new year!

  2. Good one! A do-it-yourself indoor track. You could start your own PJ workout club. I can see your kids getting into it too! I actually don't mind the cold. I just hate being cold, so I bundle up before heading out into that deep freeze zone. Most days I get into 'Relaxercizing'. If the feeling for exercising gets too overwhelming, I just sit down and wait for it to go away.

    Happy New Year and All the Best in 2012!