Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Family Dinner….

Note to self….
Do not book annual check up two days after the annual Christmas dinner...


  1. Hello. I'm Yoon and you might know me as the pink jacket hater. Or not. Just hopped on here from RJ Silver's blog and had to comment because that looks exactly like me. Before Christmas dinner, that is. Do you have a flickr or other photo sharing account? Like to see what you do with the camera, too.

  2. Hi Yoon! RJ's pink jacket just looked too 'out there' to not put it on him. High fashion is not his strength. About the drawing...That's how I felt after the amazing family pot luck Christmas dinner. I feel like I don't have to eat now till mid January.
    Here are a few shot's I've taken and posted on my website…
    I love playing with the camera when I'm not doodling or animating. Not enough hours in the day.

  3. That car with wooden spokes has a license plate! Somebody drives that around?

  4. Yeah, it's a 1920 Model 'T' Ford. My father-in-law restored it 30 years ago. It's still running today…well not in the winter, but it does run.