Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Note to the blogger noob...

It took me 4 days to realize Penny had me listed in her blog roll.
I confessed to being quite new at this whole blogging thing and she commented
that she was the opposite of a blogger noob. I had to put this caricature together. 
Penny posted it on her site.


  1. Also, not to make you feel badly or anything, but where is your facebook page and twitter account? You're not just a blogging noob. You're a social media noob. You're going to have to get a big "N" on your forehead.

  2. ohhh mannnnn. Now you're asking me to do more than one thing at a time….chewing gum and walking has been a challenge. How does that saying go?….oh yeah….even when you fall flat on your face, you're still moving forward...

  3. an 'N' on my forehead?….kind'a like Harry Potter... right?