Monday, October 31, 2011

The Plaque as 'Carry On'

ok…the back story...Max used to tell me that if you threw enough sh%# at a wall something was bound to stick. I kept trying new ideas and got involved with new projects all the time..I still do…..Max told his good friend Ted, a cattle farmer, about his theory and our conversations. After spending months looking, Ted found the 'perfectly' dried cow patty. He shoveled it up and brought it back to his garage/barn and shellacked the heck out of it, then gave it Max. Max had a plaque engraved with "Keep Throwing, Some Will Stick", glued it to the now shiny, shellacked cow patty and gave it to me. 
The reaction I get is quite extreme. Either people find it really funny, or they feel a bit ill. It's been looking for the perfect wall space since then.

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